Dark Disco Setlist – 27.10.2023

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Setlist 27.10.2023

DJ Bananafishbones

Rockwell Somebody’s Watching Me

Valerie Dore The Night (Original Remastered Version 2020)

Visions In Clouds Another Way Of Love

Blanche Biau Myosotis

Kate Bush Moving

DRAB MAJESTY Too Soon To Tell (Cold Cave Remix)


Resist the hidden Taste Cutout World

Turncoats Surrender

TORBA Papers

TRAITRS Thin Flesh

Oberst Panizza Octobre Noir (Feat. Fef & Valisia Odell)

Vicious Pink Cccan’t you See

Oli Frost The Vampire Conspiracy (Part I)

Сова (Sova) Твой взгляд (Tvoj vzglyad) — single, 2023

Patriarchy I Don’t Want To Die (Geneva Jacuzzi Remix)

Dunkelsucht Let Your Darkness Out!

DJ Tristesse

Sonic Jesus — K:M:A

The Soft Moon — Him (Feat fish narc)

Denuit — Crooked Tree

The Cure — A Forest

Toydrum — How Do You know (feat. Alex Maas)

Light Asylum — Dark Allies

Dear Strange — The Unicorn (Antoni Maiovvi’s Giallo Disco Mix)

Makina Gırgır — Livides Clartés

Pixel Grip — Bet you Do.

Sextile — Disco

Keluar — Eremus

Rendez Vous — Workout

Frustration — Too Many Questions

Loyal Nothing — Pains of Survival

Seasurfer — Too Wild (Wires & Light Remix)

DJ Holger

Opéra Multi Steel — Bleu comme toi 

Blind Delon — Sueur

Пожар — Цвет

Die Selektion — Gottes Wille

Levin Goes Lightly  — She’s Dancing

METAL DISCO — Μοιραία Στιγμή

Björn Peng — Das alte Lied

Velvet Condom — Kalter Lippenstift

Utro — Звёздочка

Essaie Pas — Carcajou

Otto Diva — Quench

Selofan — Auf deiner Haut

Ssleeping Desiress — Labor

Galatée — Tapis Rouge

Reymour — Le flot de ces Mots

DARKØ — Anti Social

Coatie Pop — City Lights

Laura Krieg — Angst

Motorama — Dreams

Sextile  — Current Affair (feat. Sienna)

Equinoxious — El Desafío

nand — Schütten

La Mverte — A Game Called Tarot

Sydney Valette — Fight Back

Billylildove — She Got the Bomb

Velvet Condom — Samt und Stein

This Cold Night  — Circuits

vati — Asbest

Miese Mau — Nasser Hund

İzmir — სიღრმე დუმდა

Schwefelgelb — Zu Zweit

Falco — Ganz Wien