Dark Disco Festival Vol. II – 15.12.2023 – Setlist

Dark Disco Festival Vol. II

DJ Tristesse

Public Image Ltd. — The Order of Death

Familiar Affections — Flinch

The Dandy Warhols — Forever

Fad Gadget — Collapsing New People

Walter Frosch — New Dawn

Twin Tribes — The River

Superdark — So Far Out There

Mirror Revelations — El Vehículo de las Transformaciones

L’Avenir — Outside

The Wake — Hammer Hall (Agent Side Grinder Remix)

Local Blood — Lovesong

ANGER MGMT. — Fake Manhood

Juicebumps — Babyman

Mistress — Borrowed Time

Velvet Condom — Talented Boy

Blanche Biau — Kette aus Diamanten

Sr. Reyes — The City Lights

DJ Obxidian

Karl Kave — Dekoration

Social Order — Boys

Debby Friday — Hot love (Boy Harsher remix)

Jennifer Touch — Chemistry

Vandal Moon — Hurt

Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma) — Судно (Sudno)

Blind Delon — Edouard

Harsh Symmetry — Like an Opiate

Concert: EiT

DJ Tristesse

Bragolin vs Adam Tristar — I Go With You

FOREVER GREY — Lucid Dreaming

Depeche Mode — A Question of Time

Structures — Mod3rn

Turncoats — Surrender

FEWS — The Zoo

The Cure — Primary

Concert: THYMIAN

DJ Obxidian

Kontravoid — Maskerade (feat. S.L.U.T.)

Ultra Sunn — Young foxes

She past away — Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher remix)

Grease for leather — Control

Zanias — Endling

Dark — In the dark you die

Buzz Kull — New kind of cross

Agent Side Grinder — This is us

Concert: Oberst Panizza

DJ Silent BatBeat

Basszilla — The Last Day On Earth

Incubite — Glowstix, Neon and Blood

X-RX — Stage 2

Combichrist — From My Cold Dead Hands

Aesthetic Perfection — Meat & Bones

VNV Nation — Control

Das Ich — Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)

Nachtmahr — Weil ich’s Kann!

Miss Construction — i’m a Bitch

Synth Attack — Call me insane

Agonoize — Blutgruppe Jesus (-)

Hocico — Dog Eat Dog

Suicide Commando — I’d die for you (v2.0)

DJ Obxidian

General Dynamics — Interrogation Sequence

Crystal Geometry — No Respect for Officials

Faderhead — All Black Everything

Apoptygma Berzerk — Burning Heretic (Ancient Methods remix)

Peryl — Der Sturm das Leben

The Soft Moon — It Kills (Rendered remix)

Dunkelsucht — Nachtzug (Nachtmahr remix)

N3N — A Taste of my Divine Venom

Body Beat Ritual — Control Freak

Skinny Puppy — Assimilate

Schwefelgelb — Wie Ich Heiss

Patriarchy — Good boy (Choke Chain Remix)

Codex Empire — Frozen Fugitive

DJ Tristesse

BCBG — White Trees (Opale Remix)

Rue Oberkampf — Lou Et Noah (Cage Remix)

VOX LOW — It Grows

Girls In Synthesis — I Know No Other Way

Hallan — Money Talks

Noir For Rachel — Chill Me Out

Bootblacks — Hold & Dissolve

White Lies — Death

Joy Division — Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Smiths — Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

The Cult — She Sells Sanctuary

Tears For Fears — Mad World

David Bowie — Cat People (Putting out Fire)

Billy Idol — White Wedding

Spandau Ballet — To Cut a Long Story Short

Ministry — Same Old Madness (Previously Unreleased Track From 1982)

PARDON MOI — Rodeo Star (Original Mix)

Tubeway Army — Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

David Hasselhoff — True Survivor

Carpenter Brut — Turbo Killer