Dark Disco – 16.02.2024 – Setlist

Spotify Playlist

DJ Bananafishbones

The Cardigans — My Favourite Game

Franco Battiato — Up Patriots To Arms

Kate Bush — Breathing

Rey Pila — Ninjas

Kraftwerk — Schaufensterpuppen

TR/ST — Iris

Mal di Luna — MOONLIGHT

DJ V404

Nine Inch Nails — Copy Of A

Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith — Not In Love

Dark Allies — Light Asylum (Pablo Bozzi edit)

Years of Denial — Mr. Guillotine

The KVB — White Walls

Lone Assembly — Seven Souls

The Neon Judgement — Chinese Black

Agent Side Grinder — Life In Advance (Jacques C Remix)

Stereo MC’s — Far Out Feeling

IAMX — I  Come With Knives

TR/ST — Geryon

Mareux — The Perfect Girl

John Foxx — Underpass (DMX Rmx 2023)

Mount Sims — No Yellow Lines

The Cure — A Forest (Original 12″ Mix)

DJ Silent BatBeat

Blackbook — My Beautiful Witch

Frozen Plasma — Living on Video

Accessory — Tanzrichtung Vorwärts

ES23 — Guilles Theme (Remix)

Synth Attack — Insomnia (Dark Remix)

Valium Ora — Tanz im Kopf (Chaotic Rave System Remix)

HORSKH — Engaged and Confused

Aesthetic Perfection — Meat & Bones

Faderhead — Tzdv

Nachtmahr — Weil ich’s kann!

Scooter — Lass uns Tanzen

Finger&Kadel — Ihr seid doch krank (Banger Mix)

Solar Fake — Papillon

Disturbed — Bad Man (Kordhell Remix)

DJ V404

Fields Of The Nephilim — Moonchild

PINK TURNS BLUE — There Must Be So Much More

Ductape — Red Scar

undertheskin — \\COLD\\

Tuxedomoon — No Tears (Original)

The Stooges — I Wanna Be Your Dog

Project Pitchfork — Souls (Remastered)

Front 242 — Tragedy (For You)

Ladytron — Black Cat

Linea Aspera — Hinterland

Wolfsheim — Sparrows and the Nightingales (Dominatrix Dimension Rmx)

Covenant — Monochrome

DJ Silent BatBeat

She Past Away — Disko Anksiyete

Chrom — In My World

Solitary Experiments — Wonderland

Depeche Mode — Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)

VNV Nation — When is the Future?

Covenant — Call The Ships To Port

DJ Bananafishbones

Patriarchy — I Don’t Want To Die (Geneva Jacuzzi Remix)

Vicious Pink — Cccan’t you See

Oberst Panizza — Qui Croire

DJ Silent BatBeat

Aesthethic Perfection — Inhuman

Diorama — Gasoline (Remix by Mental Discipline)

Dunkelsucht — Let Your Darkness Out!

DJ Bananafishbones

Virgin Prunes — Baby Turns Blue

Apoptygma Berzerk — Cambodia

Kontravoid — Reckoning

Modern Talking — Cheri, Cheri Lady

Patrick Cowley — Tech-No-Logical World

Men Without Hats — The Safety Dance

Queen — Friends Will Be Friends